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Assessment Appeals


March 2018 hearing minutes

BAA Application
Application is Due February 20,2018

Motor Vehicle Appeals will be held only in September 

Office of the Assessor

33 East Main Street - Lower floor                   Assessment Records Online Database
Portland Connecticut 06480

Richard J. Lasky Jr. CCMA
Phone: 860-342-6744
Fax: 860-342-7638


Office of the Assessor

The Assessor is responsible for discovering, listing and valuing all taxable and non-taxable property located in town. Connecticut law requires us to list and value all real (e.g., land, houses, stores, etc.) and personal (e.g., motor vehicles, business equipment, etc.) property. This is an annual cycle with an assessment date of October 1. It's the Assessor's responsibility to insure all values are properly and uniformly made and that the grand list is a true and accurate report of all taxable and tax exempt property in the jurisdiction. Assessed values in Connecticut are based on 70% of fair market value. In addition the Town is required to perform a state mandated revaluation every 5 years.

The Town of Portland completed a revaluation for the 2016 grand list.     

Mill Rates (Fiscal yr17):
32.98  (Real Estate & Personal Property)
32.00  (Motor Vehicle)

The 2017 Grand List was Filed on 1/26/2018
and is located within the Town Clerks Office for public view

2017 Grand List Totals
2017 Top Ten Taxpayers

Assessors Forms
Motor Vehicles
MV Q&A Brochure
Bill Of Sale
MV Questionnaire (Trucks & Trailers)
Ambulance/Retrofit MV Exemption

2017 Personal Property Declarations
Due Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Long Form: New businesses, Lessee and Lessors, Mfg businesses must file.
Short Form: Existing business annual update form
Farm Exemption Form: Active farms claiming an exemption on farm equipment
Mfg, Mach & Equip Form: Manufacturing Equipment exemption forms 
MV Form: Any Unregistered or Out of State Motor Vehicles residing in Portland as of the Assessment date

Closing a Business affidavit

Income & Expense Reports
Due by June 1
Income & Expense Report - Standard
Income & Expense Report - Marina & Boatyards
Income & Expense Report - Golf Course 

Veterans Exemptions
Please Note: Honorably discharged veterans must have a valid DD214 filed within the town's land records as of the October 1 assessment date to be eligible for Veteran Exemptions  

Active Duty - CT Resident (Filed by Dec. 31 following tax due year)
Active Duty - Non-Resident

Misc. Forms and exemptions

Totally Disabled Tax Exemption
Change of Mailing Address Request

 Questions regarding billing, taxes due, amounts paid and interest should be directed to the Tax Collector's Office 860-342-6737   View tax payments and taxes owed