Office of the Departments of Land Use
33 East Main Street - 1st floor
Portland Connecticut

Deanna Rhodes, AICP
Town Planner
Phone: 860-342-6720
  Dan Bourret
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Phone: 860-342-6719
Liz Tripp
Administrative Assistant

Fax: 860-342-6787

Reports & Important Meetings
Land Use

The Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for the coordination, review and processing of all development applications submitted before the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Inland Wetlands Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals. They also work closely with non-regulatory commissions such as the Economic Development Commission and Conservation Commission. The production and implementation and update of the Plan of Development and all land use codes, as well as the monitoring/tracking of land use, land use applications and zoning permits, zoning enforcement and economic development are among this department's duties. Other functions include the development of various land use studies and policies as requested or deemed necessary.