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I have been in the Fire Service for 30 years and have seen and been part of many tragedies as well as the wonderful opportunities of bringing new life into this world. I am a true believer, that a leader is only as good as the people they surround themselves with. It is an honor working with and leading such a great group of men and women in Portland, some which have become like family. It is due to the overwhelming support of our love ones who we leave during dinner, homework, holidays and even birthdays. They continue to sacrifice so much so that we may continue to serve our community.

They are the true heroes of our volunteer service.

With our changing world and the impact on our service since 9-11, it is hard to believe that over 70% of our nation's fire service is still manned by volunteers. This speaks volumes for all of our Volunteers. Even with increased demands and new threats against our way of living, they continue to answer the call when needed. They must be ready and perform at 100% all the time. There is no room for error. YOUR Volunteers are a special group of people who deserve your support both publicly and financially for what they do everyday.

I ask you all to remember your volunteers no matter what service they provide for. If it was not for them, your communities would be changed forever. 

Chief Robert Shea

Announcement - Company #2 Picnic Grounds Now Available for 2018 Bookings

Co. #2 Picnic Grounds on 84 Indian Hill Avenue

Telephone: (860) 342-2006 


Available for birthday parties, weddings, receptions, anniversaries, fundraisers, reunions, and more!

*The Rental Association is separate from the Portland Volunteer Fire Department