Chief's Office - Located at Company 1

Name Position Unit Name
Robert Shea Chief 10-7
Andrew Goff Deputy Chief 10-7-1
Marc Sweeney Assistant Chief of Training 10-7-3

Department Line Officers

Name Position Unit Name
Robert Puida Captain 1R
Joshua Leary 1st Lieutenant 1R1
Ryan Sweeney 2nd Lieutenant 1R2
Vacant 3rd Lieutenant 1R3

Company Staff Officers

Name Position
Kim Puida Treasurer / Secretary

Active Personnel

Name Position
Jim Agogliati Exterior Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver, Dive Team
Joshua Arroyo Firefighter, EMR, Dive Team
Mark DeFrancesco Firefighter, Dive Team Coordinator
Luis DeJesus Exterior Firefighter, EMR
Nicholas DeJohn Firefighter, EMT
Doug Greenwald Firefighter, Company Engineer
Matthew Kalerber Firefighter, EMT
Craig Kateches Firefighter
Michael Leary Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver, Dive Team
Michael Masselli Firefighter, Truck Driver
Wayne Mergel Firefighter, EMR, Dive Team
Danielle Piatti EMR
Ryan Pititto Firefighter, EMT
Al Prince Exterior Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver, Dive Team
Kim Puida EMT
Victor Realejo Fire Police
Brandon Sajdak Firefighter, EMT
Peter Willse EMT, Deputy Fire Marshal (FMO)

Explorers (Junior Membership)

Name Position
William Kateches Explorer
Brian Masselli Explorer

Social Members

Name Status Past Position
Timothy Goff Social Member, Retired Past Fire Lieutenant

Company 1 has two fundraisers. They have their annual Golf Tournement held annually at Portland Golf Course and they also have a Pancake Breakfast. The Pankcake breakfast runs October to April and it is the first Sunday of the month from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the Company 1 Fire Station. It serves all you can eat Pancakes, Sausage, and Drinks.