Department Line Officers

Name Position Unit Name
Thomas Ghent Captain 3R
Clayton Puida 1st Lieutenant 3R1
Todd Ghent 2nd Lieutenant 3R2
Vacant 3rd Lieutenant 3R3

Company Staff Officers

Name Position
Justin Brown Secretary
Jim Jeffers Company Treasurer / Department Treasurer


Name Position
Jacob Bradway Firefighter, EMR
Justin Brown Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver
Brian Darna Firefighter, Truck Driver
Mike Darna Firefighter, Truck Driver
Sullivan Deane Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver
Adam Fontenault Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver
Tyler Ghent Firefighter, EMR
Ashley Ghent Firefighter
Jim Jeffers Firefighter
Ray Pont EMT, Truck Driver, Company Engineer
Joe Ruitto Firefighter, Truck Driver
Kyle Salamone Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver
Jon Sundell Firefighter, Truck Driver
Marc Sweeney Firefighter, EMT, Truck Driver, Dive Team, Department Asst. Chief of Training
Greg Tischofer Firefighter, EMR, Truck Driver

Social Members

Name Status Past Position
Jack Gandini Social Member, Retired Past Firefighter and Truck Driver
Arthur Johnson Social Member, Picnic Area Coordinator Picnic Area Coordinator, Past Firefighter and Truck Driver