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Board of Assessment Appeals

Board Members:

Peter Castelli

William Donahue

Kenneth Kerns

Real Estate & Personal Property Appeals

An application to appeal your Real Estate or Personal Property Assessment on the 2023 Grand List MUST BE filed with the Assessor's Office on or before February 20, 2024. 

 Formal hearings will be held in March 2024 at the Town Hall. Appellants shall be notified by mail at lest two weeks prior to their schedule hearing. The Board of Assessment Appeal Meetings are public and agendas and hearing schedule are posted within the Town Clerk's office. 

The filing period for appealing Real Estate or Business Personal Property assessments is February 1st thru February 20th*. The Board of Assessment Appeals will hold hearings during the month of March. When an extension to file the Grand List is granted to the Assessor, petitions must be filed on or before March 20th and hearings will be held in April. 

Motor Vehicle appeals are held in September. Automobile owners who wish to appeal their assessment may appear before the Board of Assessment Appeals during the scheduled September meeting.

*NOTE: In the event February 20th falls on either a weekend or a holiday petitions to appeal assessments on Real Estate or Business Personal Property must be received in the Assessor's Office on or before the close of the preceding business day.

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