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In Connecticut, residential, commercial and industrial properties are assessed at 70% fair market value as of the October 1 valuation, or assessment date. Town wide revaluations are carried out on a five year cycle including physical property re-inspections occurring every ten. Additionally, all land changes, new construction, or property improvements/demolitions since the last assessment date must be reviewed and re-assessed annually by the assessor. Reassessments are based on the market and consistent appraisal methods the have been established during our most recent revaluation year. 



The 2021 revaluation of all real estate in the Town of Portland is complete. Assessments represent 70% of  fair market value of your property on October 1, 2021.  Only valid, arms-length sales between October 1, 2020 & September 30, 2021 happening within Portland, CT were considered. 

Overall Real Estate values have increased 10.22% since the prior revaluation date (October 1, 2016). 

It is highly recommended to review all data and property features details listed within your assessment record. Inaccurate information may cause inconsistent valuation and wrongful taxation. Please use the following link and contact the assessor (860) 342-6744 to report any outdated or questionable data or to request an inspection. 

Assessment Records Online Database 

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