Salvatore Pitruzello Achievement Award

2018: Dale Benoit, Jr. 


2016: Michael Leary 

2015: Fire Marshall Ray Sajdak

2014: Deputy Chief Andrew Goff

2013: Chief Robert Shea

2012: Past Chief Robert Petzold

2011: Tom Sienkiewicz

2010: Marc Sweeney

2008: Ed Salvatore

2007: Cliff Robinson

2006: Raymond Pont

2005: Robert N. 'Skip' Oakliff

2004: Antonio 'Buddy' Hernandez

2003: Robert Ziegler

2000: Harry Hetrick

1999: Dave Powers, Sr.

1998: Dale Beniot, Sr.

1997: Dave Warner

1996: Patricia Landry


Firefighter of the Year

2010: Todd Ghent

Medal of Valor

Andrew Goff

Timothy Goff

Marc Sweeney

Middletown Firefighter Drew France

Medal of Merit

Tom Revicki

Dave Lockrow

Michael Leary

Medal of Commendation

Peter Sulinski

Mat Markham

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