Candidates/Campaign Info

Candidates from Major parties should check with their Party Leaders for specific information; Candidates interested in running as a Petitioning Candidate or Minor Party candidate must contact the Secretary of State's Election Division for information.

Guide for Municipal Candidates

SEEC Form 1 - The Candidate Committee Registration must be completed by every candidate.

SEEC Form 3 - The Political Committee Registration is used to form slate committees.

SEEC Form 21 - The Short Form Disclosure Statement is used when a committee has not received or expended over $1,000.

SEEC Form 20 - The Itemized Campaign Finance Disclosure Statement is used when a committee exceeds the $1,000 threshold.

SEEC Filing Calendars

Other SEEC Forms

Further information is available at the website of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, or by calling them at 860-256-2940 or 1-866-733-2463.