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Connecticut River

"Though both Middletown and Portland were heavily involved in wooden ship building and maritime trade, initially with the Caribbean and later with Asia during the 18th and 19th centuries, the remaining river marinas and boat works between them are in Portland.

A roughly 9-mile stretch of the Connecticut River that is typically between 1,200 and 1,400 feet wide separates Portland and Middletown. The narrowest separation is roughly 600 feet between Bodkin Rock in Portland and Eastern Drive in Middletown. There are no commercial boating facilities on the river in Middletown.

It's a different story in Portland, where several marinas still operate.

Petzold's Marine Center, founded in 1945 by Bill and Agnes Petzold at the site of the former Gildersleeve Shipyard, is still family-owned — brothers Bob and Ken Petzold are the third generation — and going strong. Further downriver past the Arrigoni Bridge is Portland Riverside Marina, the Yankee Boat Yard and Marina, and the Portland Boat Works." 

 - Excerpt from Joseph A. O'Brien Jr. Hartford Courant publication "Middletown And Portland: The River That Separates Them Connects Them, Too" Feb 01, 2017 

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