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Emergency Management Director - Don Gouin (appointed 7/19/2018)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 71, Portland CT 06480-0071

Phone: 860-342-6767

Fax: 860-262-7222 (only active during emergency events)

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Town Government

Emergency Management

Hurricane Season Begins - Get Serious, Be Prepared

2013 Connecticut Guide to Emergency Preparedness

As of January 1, 2005, The CT Dept. of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) was formed, charged to develop, administer and coordinate a comprehensive statewide Emergency Management and Homeland Security program to encompass all human-made and natural hazards. This creation and consolidation of agencies (formerly known as Civil Preparedness) is in an effort to stream line resources and activities. Portland's Emergency Management Director has worked hard to assure that plans and procedures are in place to protect the people of Portland during a catastrophic event. The town now has a dedicated shelter, an equipped and functional Emergency Operations Center as well as detailed and operational emergency plans.

Our commitment to maintaining an active role in community preparedness includes; being the Middlesex County Fire/Rescue Disaster Coordinator; Secretary for the CT Emergency Management Association; Town liaison to CT Regional Emergency Planning Committee (CREPC) as well as a member of the International Association Emergency Managers.

Public Health

When Portland joined the Chatham Health District in 2003 for its local health services, we also integrated into Region 36's Bio-terrorism / WMD planning process, leaving the Middletown Region 35 planning district. The purpose of this planning committee is to prepare for mass health related incidents such as smallpox or anthrax or even a more common potential event such as pandemic flu. The Town has plans in place for such emergencies.


Emergency Management Shelter Guide

Causes for sheltering could be natural or man-made events such as: (ice storms / hurricanes / tornadoes or hazardous materials incidents).

Currently the anticipated shelter location for the town is the Portland Middle School / High School complex. As long as there remains power this can be used as the site. Alternate locations with generators that possibly could be considered are the (3) Fire Stations.

When reporting to a shelter, regardless if it is for an anticipated short term or long term stay, the following need to be considered, on average your living space will be approximately 40 square feet, pack accordingly. There is also NO SMOKING allowed within the shelter / school itself.

What to bring with you:

  • All medications. You will need to maintain them.

  • Supply of personal toiletries, incl. hand towels.

  • Pillows, blankets, cot or single person air mattress, sleeping bag.

  • Reading materials, glasses.

  • Change of cloths.

  • Personal radios with headsets.

  • Personal necessary info (Insurance Co. / other important phone number's, etc).

  • Items for special dietary needs.

What NOT to bring:

  • Pets of any kind. Have a plan to shelter your pets prior to having to evacuate yourself.

  • Stereo type radios.

  • Toys (card or board games are ok).

  • Furniture.

  • Personal/valuable belongings. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items within the shelter.

  • Weapons of Any kind.

  • Alcohol or illicit drugs.

  • Items of clothing, etc. for donations, or large amount of clothing for yourself - there will be No storage capabilities.

When checking in you will be asked to complete some simple informational forms and assigned an area within the school.

Respect for each others personal space and needs (i.e. noise volume while others are trying to sleep) will be necessary and greatly appreciated.

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