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Office of the Finance Director

Contact Info

33 East Main Street - 2nd floor                 
Portland, CT 06480  


Tom E. Robinson
Director of Finance                                  
Phone: (860) 342-6726

Fax: (860) 342-6714


When it comes to managing the Town of Portland's financial operations, the buck stops here! 

At least temporarily.
This is where your tax dollars aggregate before being dispensed to pay for Town services. Responsibilities include:

  • employees salaries & benefits

  • maintenance and repair of municipal infrastructure

  • program expenses

  • equipment replacement

  • employee pension plan

  • investments

  • grant applications

  • and a whole lot more

What the collector of revenue takes in, other departments take out, through the control of our department (under the aegis of the Board of Selectmen).

Under Portland's Town Charter, the development of a yearly budget has to follow specific guidelines. If you would like to read a summary of those guidelines, click here. 

A breakdown of past expenditures is available through the Town of Portland Annual Report.

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