Highway Division

The Highway Division keeps the roads and streets of Portland safe and useable. This includes snow and ice removal, mowing, catch basin cleaning, chip sealing, paving, line painting, tree trimming and removal, stump grinding, traffic sign placement, Christmas tree pick-up, brush pickup, appliance pickup and street sweeping.

Over the last year, the Highway Division also completed drainage projects on several roads, and pavement repairs on Penfield Hill Road. Site improvements were made at the Brownstone Quarries and the Town Sand Pit. Highway crews installed fencing at the Water Pollution Control Facility, Central School and the Highway Garage. Crews assisted Board of Education personnel in repairing the High School fuel piping system. A significant supply of topsoil was hauled from Glastonbury to our sand and gravel pit, in trade for sand. A telecommunications conduit was installed between the Town Hall and the Middle School.

Future projects will include:

  • drainage improvements on Rose Hill Road 

  • continued quarry improvements 

  • installing lights for Come On Over wall 

  • assisting with water main replacements 

  • assisting with sewer inspections, cleaning, and repairs 

  • guide rail repairs 

  • sidewalk repairs adjacent to Town owned properties 

  • line painting on Town roads and park areas 

  • paint salt storage building 

  • continued roadside clearing

Church Sidewalk
Fairview Street Sidewalk
Fairview Street Sidewalk
Salt Shed Drainage
Salt Shed Drainage Connection to C-Drive
Road Repairs
Grove St #1
Maple Road New Grading 2020
Maple Road Improvements