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Personal Property

Personal Property Declarations are due on November 1, 2023 

In accordance with Connecticut General Statute, 12-40, all Portland business owners and residents liable to pay taxes on tangible personal property belonging to them on October 1, must file a declaration on or before November 1, 2023 with the Assessor. Non-filers, omissions and late declarations are subject to estimated assessment and a 25% penalty. 


New  Businesses & Leasing Companies:

Full Declaration - PDF 

Declaration - Excel 


Existing Businesses:  Short Form Declaration

Unregistered Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Form (unregistered & out of state only)


Manufacturing Equipment Exemption:

Manufacturing - PDF


Farm Machinery, Horses/ Ponies Exemption:

M-28 Farm Machinery Exemption Form


Solar Exemptions  Public Act 21-180

M-44 Solar Exemption Application - RESIDENTIAL 
M-44 Solar Exemption Application - COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL  

M-44 Fuel Cell Exemption Application

Completed Declarations may be sent to: 

Town Of Portland 
Assessor's Office 
PO BOX 71 
Portland CT 06480-0071


Or emailed to:

Declarations & exemption forms 

Business Removal or Closing

If you have closed, terminated or moved your business out of town as of the October 1  assessment date, a business-closing affidavit with supporting documents attached must be submitted to the assessor for review and removal from future Portland tax rolls.

Business Closing Affidavit

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