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Recovery Friendly Community

The Town of Portland is proud to be working a Recovery-Friendly Community. We are supporting those residents who are in recovery from a substance use disorder by 1) raising awareness of the nature of such conditions, 2) promoting health and recovery by reducing stigma and discrimination, and 3) building or improving the environmental factors necessary for "recoverees" to flourish. Expected benefits of a Recovery-Friendly community may be reduced substance use; reduced overdoses; reduced crime; an improved community sense of compassion, humanity and citizenship; and positive statewide visibility.


Recovery Champion

The Recovery Champion is an individual or organization appointed by the Board of Selectmen who leads Town-wide efforts toward becoming “Recovery-Friendly.” Portland’s Recovery Champion is the Youth & Family Services Administrator. The Recovery Champion is committed to supporting recovery from substance use disorders by developing and monitoring community enhancements that support long-term recovery. The Champion works closely with department heads, faith leaders, youth and persons in recovery, and social service organizations to meet Recovery-Friendly designation criteria.

Culture/ Youth & Family Services

The Town’s Culture, Parks, and Youth & Family Services Department is active in hosting recovery-friendly activities and events.

Portland Food Bank

The Food bank ensures that food, clothing and other basic supports are readily available for those dealing with substance misuse and for those in recovery. The Portland Food Bank is open on Monday and Thursday from 9:00 - 12:00 PM. They are located at 7 Waverly Avenue - basement, Portland Connecticut and their phone number is (860) 342-6795.

School Programs

State Education Resource Center (SERC) offers a free self-paced online course for administrators and educators to develop their substance misuse education programming. This information can be found at the State Education Resource Center (SERC)

Power Up Portland Local Prevention Committee

The role of the Local Prevention Committee is to support the Recovery Champion’s initiatives through advocacy and other forms of outreach. To get involved with this committee, email Courtney Fitzkee at or 860-342-6758.

Our Town departments and services are committed to recovery-friendly initiatives, examples of which are below.

Police and Fire Department

Police and Fire Department personnel encourage treatment and other recovery approaches and are knowledgeable about local resources.

Workplace Education

The town offers an Employee Assistance Plan for employees that may need support during their recovery journey.

Community Attitudes

The Local Prevention Committee will work to ensure and advocate for the following:

· Businesses are open to hiring people in recovery, and advertise as such.

· Community organizations are open to providing volunteer opportunities for people in recovery.

Other Resources

Explore a curated selection of additional resources to help support you or a loved one in a time of need.

Emergency Department Recovery Coach

The Connecticut Council of Addiction and Recovery operates the Emergency Department Recovery Coach program in more than twenty Connecticut hospital emergency rooms. These skilled professionals help patients and family members start and stabilize recovery. The closest hospitals to Simsbury that have ED Recovery Coaches are Hartford Hospital and St. Francis. For more information please visit the State of CT’s page: Emergency Department Recovery Coach Services

Peer Support and Mutual Aid Group

Peer support and mutual aid groups are an integral part of the recovery process. Below are resources for support groups that assist addiction recovery and groups focused on grief recovery.

Find an AlaTeen Meeting near you


This locator allows you to easily find physicians that can prescribe medication for substance use disorders. 

Telephone and Transportation Support

The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) has established the 24/7 Access Line to facilitate access to treatment for substance use disorders. Individuals from anywhere in Connecticut may call for help connecting with residential detox.

The Access Line is able to prioritize transportation services for detox. The Access Line may also be able to arrange transportation to DMHAS addiction residential treatment (although transportation services are prioritized for detox). 

Human Services Transportation Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous

Find a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting near you

Faith-Based Recovery Resources

The Recovery Champion collaborates with local religious leaders to ensure that faith-based recovery resources are easily accessible. All of Portland’s faith-based organizations are available as recovery resources.


Below is a list of pharmacies in Portland that have Narcan available:

-Walgreens, 227 Main St, Portland, CT 06070

State of CT Access Line

(800) 563-4086

Find an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting near you.

Recovery Housing within 20 miles of Portland

Stonehaven – Portland, CT. 860-577-3233

Broken to Blessed – Hartford, CT. 860-462-3001

Coram Deo – New Britain, CT. 860-348-3486 (Women only)

Intercommunity Recovery House – Hartford, CT. 860-569-5900, ext. 668

Live and Recover, LLC – East Hartford, CT. 860-577-3234 (Men Only)

Mercy Housing and Shelter Corporation Recovery House – Hartford, CT. 860-808-2115 (Women only)

New Life II – New Britain, CT. 860-371-8271 (Men only)


Vita Pulita House – New Britain, CT. 860-518-1963 (Men only) Grief Recovery Support Groups

Workplace Resources

If your workplace is interested in learning what they can do to support Recovery efforts, the Recovery Works CT page is a perfect place to start. 

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