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Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development is one of the four areas of focus for Youth & Family Services. Programs and offerings that fall under this banner are designed to provide positive growth experiences to youth in Portland and offer opportunities to engage in positive peer groups, learn a sense of self and self-esteem, meet other caring and positive adult role models, and increase involvement in the school and the community.

We're working on expanding our offerings in this area. Drop us a line and let us know what you'd like to see!

Drop-In & Draw

Drop-In & Draw 1-20-23.png
Drop-In & Draw 2-14-23.png

We run two Drop-In & Draw programs each month.


The after-school program is usually the 2nd Tuesday of the month and gives kids an after school activity outside of school. We have paints and canvas, drawing paper, coloring books, lots of different options to let your creative side out.

The arts & crafts program is usually the 3rd Friday of the month and lets younger kids and their parents and caregivers a chance to come in and do a fun, seasonal craft. We also have take-home kits if you're not able to make it in.

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