Wellness and Mental Health

Youth & Family Services focus on wellness and mental health is all about "being okay." We look to teach healthy habits, learn about different ways to have a healthy mind and body, and learning that it's okay to not be okay. Our programming and events try to get people moving and thinking.

Little Hikers - June 2022.png

Little Hikers

Out Little Hikers group is a way for younger kids and their parents, grandparents, and caregivers, to meet some new people, spend time out in nature, and go for a quick walk.

Our initial Little Hikers group is focused on the 0-5 age range, before they are in kindergarten. These little guys and gals will be walking and stroller-ing through easy, relatively flat, well maintained trails and paths. We may have an activity, story, or snack some days as well.

June 3 - 10:30am @ Airline Trail, Depot Hill Rd lot

July 8 - 10:30am @ Riverfront Park

August 5 - 10:30am @ Rec Complex w/ Seniors

Our hope is to expand Little Hikers to older kids, where we will have some guided hikes through a bit rougher terrain such as the reservoir, Great Hill Mountain, and Middlesex Land Trust properties. We also want to add some guided hikes for all ages where we can learn more about the animals, birds, plants, and history of where we're walking.

Every Kid Healthy Week 2022

Portland - Yoga 3 2022
Portland - Yoga 2 2022
Portland - Walking 1 2022
Portland - Yoga 1 2022

Every Kid Healthy Week was created in 2013 to celebrate school health and wellness achievements. It is the last full week in April each year, and each day of the week shines a spotlight on things schools and families do to improve health and wellness in youth.

The 2022 schedule included:

  • Mindful Monday, focused on social emotional health;

  • Tasty Tuesday, focused on nutrition and food access;

  • Wellness Wednesday, focused on physical activity and play;

  • Thoughtful Thursday, focused on equity awareness; and

  • Family Friday, focused on family-school partnership.


Youth & Family Services started our spin on Every Kid Healthy Week in 2022. We had similar activities, but focused on healthy activities that youths and their parents and caregivers can do together. 2022's activities were:

  • Tuesday - Yoga

  • Wednesday - Gratitude Journal

  • Thursday - Healthy Cooking

  • Friday - Walking

  • Saturday - Gardening

We gave out some Youth & Family Services swag for those that participated and had a great time learning and sharing information with the community. We look forward to doing it again next year!