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Exemptions & Tax Benefits 

Exemptions & Tax Benefits

Senior and Totally Disabled Homeowners Tax Benefit 
    Filing Period:  February 1 through May 15

2024 Guidelines ** Proof of income required, biennially 

M-35H  Application 

Disability Exemption 
    File with Assessor by January 31

D-1  Totally Disabled Application 

Blind - File certificate of 

Farm And Forestland PA490
    Filing Period:  September 1 through October 31

PA490 M-29 Farm 

PA490 M-39 Forest 

Fixed Assessment for New Commercial / Industrial Buildings 
    Must file with the First Selectmen's Office 

Fixed Assessment Policy

Fixed Assessment Application


Military and Veteran Exemptions
    Veterans MUST have DD-214, honorably discharge papers filed with the Town Clerks Office by October 1 

M-59 ADVET  Application     * Over 65 or totally disabled , Proof of income required, biennially 

Local ADVET Application   * Over 65 or totally disabled , Proof of income required, biennially 

Active Military AOA  Motor Vehicle Exemption 

Motor Vehicle Exemptions 
    Must be filed with the Assessor by December 31 

Handicap Retrofit Application 

Historic/Classic Car
M-65 Commercial Truck


Quadrennial Report - Non profit/Tax Exempt Organizations 
    File with Assessor quadrennially by November 1 

M-3 Quadrennial Report - Standard 

M-3 Quadrennial Report - Housing/Group Homes 

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