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Janet Nocek and Cathy Probolos received $1500 Eversource grant from Pat Bandzes, Eversource Community Relations.  The grant was used for two books for each child living at Chatham Court.  An ice-cream social was organized around the book giving on Monday, August 13.  

(Photo left to right: Marilyn White, Friends of Portland Library, Jen Renk, Children's Librarian, Cathy Probolus, President Friends of Portland Library, Janet Nocek, Head Librarian, Pat Bandzes, Eversource Community Relations) 


Eversource and Town of Portland 
      at CCM Annual Convention

Bingo Game Forms
Bargaining Units

Collective Bargaining Units

The Town of Portland has four collective bargaining units and a group classified as Non-Union staff.

Complete Streets


To improve the streets of Portland making them safer and more accessible for all users including pedestrians, cyclists, people with mobility challenges, transit users, and motorists. To encourage non-motorized modes of transportation and a Complete Streets culture that promotes healthy living.


The overarching goal of this policy is to gradually transform Portland from a community that disproportionally encourages automobile travel to one that invests in transportation infrastructure equitably across all modes to the benefit of all citizens. 

Complete Streets
Forms & Licenses
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