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Clean Energy

Support Clean Energy
AND Save Money!

The CT CEO is 100% non-polluting, domestic electricity. 

A great way to support clean energy and save on your electric bill is to enroll with both an alternative supplier and the CT Clean Energy Options. The options program can be found here, and a complete list of alternative suppliers can be found here.

Clean Energy (n.)
1. A source of usable heat or power not subject to price spikes or fuel depletion (see renewable, sustainable). 2. 100% Domestic. 3. An energy system that produces no greenhouse gases or other pollution.

The Portland Clean Energy Task Force strives to provide the Town and its residents with options to save money and reduce harmful emissions through energy efficiency programs and how to go about installing clean energy systems on their homes or businesses.

Click Here for a history of clean energy in Portland.

Questions? Contact Portland Clean Energy Task Force Chair Andy Bauer

Energy Efficiency & Solar Options

CT Energy Incentives Portland Clean Energy Task Force

June 11, 2022

(Please note that programs and incentives change frequently)

Home Energy Solutions (HES)

The HES program is regarded as the fastest, cheapest way to reduce your energy bill. The cost to the homeowner is $50, and the HES IE (income eligible) is free to low income households. Additional energy saving incentives become available to homeowners once the visit is completed. The savings per year can amount to several hundred dollars.


The CT Green Bank has a list of approved Solar contractors who can help you navigate incentives for solar.

Federal Solar (Renewable Energy) Tax Credit

This pertains to a Federal Income Tax credit available to homeowners for buying (not leasing), a solar array for their residence. The credit is 26% until Dec 31, 2022, and will then drop to 22% until Dec 31, 2023.

Home Energy Storage (Batteries)

An Eversource program that offers financial incentives to have batteries installed in your home, and to let Eversource draw from them in a limited fashion during certain periods.

Electric Vehicle Incentives

Financial incentives to help in purchasing an EV.

Electric Vehicle Charger Incentives

From Eversource, a link to EV Charger incentives and an opportunity to participate in Eversource’s Managed Charging program.

Smart-E Loans for Energy Upgrades

These loans cover most high efficiency upgrades for residential Heating/Cooling, Water Heaters, Insulation, Windows, Solar, Battery Storage, EV Chargers, Asbestos & Mold Removal, Energy Star Appliances, Roof prep for solar, and Tree Removal for Solar.

CPACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy)

CPACE is a financing mechanism available to building owners for energy efficiency, renewable energy, or other projects and make repayments via an assessment on their property tax bill.

Solar on Valley View School!

Portland residents and business that enrolled in the CT Clean Energy Options all can say they did their part to bring us the 10 Kw solar photovoltaic array on the Valley View School.

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