Clean Energy

Support Clean Energy
AND Save Money!

The CT CEO is 100% non-polluting, domestic electricity. 

A great way to support clean energy and save on your electric bill is to enroll with both an alternative supplier and the CT Clean Energy Options. The options program can be found here, and a complete list of alternative suppliers can be found here.

Clean Energy (n.)
1. A source of usable heat or power not subject to price spikes or fuel depletion (see renewable, sustainable). 2. 100% Domestic. 3. An energy system that produces no greenhouse gases or other pollution.

The Portland Clean Energy Task Force strives to provide the Town and its residents with options to save money and reduce harmful emissions through energy efficiency programs and how to go about installing clean energy systems on their homes or businesses.

Click Here for a history of clean energy in Portland.

Questions? Contact Portland Clean Energy Task Force Chair Andy Bauer

Click here for clean energy incentives!

Energy Efficiency & Solar Options

What’s an HES?  A Home Energy Solutions (HES) visit has two parts, the first is basically a weatherization service that is done at your home or apartment by trained technicians in order to make your place more weather tight.  The second part is a review with the owner concerning more thorough weatherization or energy reducing measures, which are almost always accompanied by incentives that are activated by the HES itself.  It’s a great place to start for reducing harmful emissions and saving on the cost of energy.

A complete outline of HES services is at the Energize CT site.  Information in this section is accurate as of 8/13/20, but subject to change without notice by Eversource.

Bonus to Portland: For these services, we are again partnering with Lantern Energy*.  As the Task Force is helping to promote incentives, Lantern Energy will rebate $50 back to Portland for every town resident that goes through them.

Program Highlights: 
For a limited time, the usual HES fee ($99) will be waived.
Average annual energy savings of $200-250.
Rebates available for insulation ($2.20 per square foot, must be installed by a vendor) & appliances (refrigerator, clothes washer, freezer, dehumidifier).
Rebates available for Ductless Heat Pumps (which also cool), Geothermal Heating/Cooling, Upgrades for certain Hot Water Heaters & Natural Gas units.
Access a variety of financing options.

Getting Started: Contact Lantern Energy at or call 1 877 878-3006.  Whether you’ve had an HES, or need to schedule one, contact Lantern, tell them what you’d like and they’ll walk you through the necessary steps.  They can also guide you through the HES-IE and multifamily options below.


CoVid19 Precautions:  All technicians are equipped with PPE for their visit to your home.

HES-Income Eligible: In these uncertain times, you may qualify for an HES-IE if your family’s annual income is less than 60% of CT’s medium income.


Multifamily Housing: Follow this link to EnergizeCT for information on an HES for multifamily units.    

*Any Eversource approved CT HES vendor will get you access to these rebates.

Solar on Valley View School!

Portland residents and business that enrolled in the CT Clean Energy Options all can say they did their part to bring us the 10 Kw solar photovoltaic array on the Valley View School.