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Land Records

Land Record Name Change

State Law requires that any person, corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership, owning real estate or having an interest therein whose name has been changed shall within 60 days file a certificate with the town clerk’s office.  A Land Records Name Change template for use.  There is a $60 recording fee for this document at the town clerk’s office. 

Records Information

The Town Clerk's office accepts instruments regarding property in Portland. These are legal documents for recording on land records. They should be prepared by an attorney and then either sent or brought to our office for filing. The Town Clerk's office cannot provide blank forms.

Land recordings must be processed 15 minutes prior to our closing time.  Documents received after this time will be held for recording on the next business day.

Recording fees are $60.00 for a single page document or for the first page of a document, and $5.00 for each subsequent page within the same document. When recording a deed with conveyance consideration, an additional $2.00 is required to cover processing the forms for the State Revenue Department.

The town conveyance fee amount is 0.25%

Copies of land records or property descriptions are available for a fee of $1.00 for each page. If you need a certified copy, the cost is an additional $2.00.

Recording Info

Land Records Now Available Online

Land records of the Town of Portland are available ONLINE. The Grantor-Grantee Index and images are available from 1850 to the present. There is no cost to view a document but there is a $2 fee per page to print. 

Land Records Now Available Online

Please note, printed survey maps copies are available in the Town Clerk's Office.  

Unlawful Restrictive Covenants

NOTICE:  Unlawful Restrictive Covenants

Connecticut Public Act 2021, No. 21-173 (the “Act”) defines an Unlawful Restrictive Covenant as “a covenant or other provision in an instrument affecting the title to real property that purports to restrict ownership or occupancy of such real property on the basis of race.” The Act declares Unlawful Restrictive Covenants to be VOID.

Effective July 1, 2021: PA 21-173 Section 1 (c) Any owner of real property who identifies an unlawful restrictive covenant in an instrument recorded on the land records that relates to real property owned by such person may file either an affidavit pursuant to section 47-12a of the general statutes, as amended by this act, or a form described in subsection (f) of this section, with the town clerk in the municipality where the real property is located, identifying the existence of such unlawful restrictive covenant. There is no fee to file the completed form or affidavit with the Town Clerk.

These are legal documents.  It is advised you contact an attorney to assist in the completion of the “Affidavit” or “Identification and Renunciation of a Void and Unlawful Restrictive Form.”  Town Clerk staff are not attorneys and cannot assist in the completion of these forms.  The Secretary of the State office has advised Town Clerks not to notarize documents that will be filed on the Land Records in their own town.  There are other notaries available at the town hall, and your bank may also have a notary.

Unlawful Restrictive Covenant Documents:

Public Act No. 21-173

Restrictive Covenant Affidavit

Unlawful Restrictive Covenant Form

Available Online
Restrictive Cov.
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