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To our fellow officers at the Bristol PD, our hearts go out to you. We cannot
imagine the pain you are suffering at this time. Our deepest sympathies are with
the officers’ families, fellow officers and loved ones.

- Members of the Portland Police Dept.

- Portland Police attend final farewell for Bristol's fallen heroes

Police Department


Important Information

New Protocols for Residents

Portland Police Department - Portland CT

The Portland Police Department is located in the Portland Buck-Foreman Community Building at 265 Main Street. The Department is staffed by twelve full-time police officers: Captain Ron Milardo, Sergeant Scott Cunningham, Sergeant James Kelly, Detective Dan Knapp, Officer James Capello, Officer Francis Ahlquist, Officer Michael Fitzpatrick, Officer Paul Liseo, Officer Micheal Revicki, Officer Daniel Brown, Officer Ryan Bengston, Officer Joshua Bailey, K9 Magnus, and one Records Secretary, Rosanne Lombardi.

The Dispatch function is provided through the Middletown Communications Center based upon an interlocal agreement with the City of Middletown. Contact numbers for Police Services in the Town of Portland are as follows:


Non-Emergency requests for Records/General Information: 860-342-6780 (Portland Police Dept.)

Non-Emergency requests for police: 860-347-2541 (Middletown Dispatch Center)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Portland Police Department is to protect the life and property of its citizens in order to assure a superior quality of life. The Police Department strives to accomplish this by providing security and reliability to the public through just and unprejudiced law enforcement, partnerships within the community, and innovative problem solving.

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